The Data Strategy Canvas

To help companies create their own data strategy, the CDQ member companies and researchers of the Competence Center at CDQ have developed a blueprint: the "Data Strategy Canvas". It is a visual design tool, defining the core elements and guiding questions to be addressed.

Below you can download the Data Strategy Canvas and Outline of the Key Elements of the Canvas by simply clicking on the images. Print it as a poster and use it in workshops with business experts, data managers, data scientists and other stakeholders to discuss and define the key elements of your data strategy.

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Why is Data Strategy Important? What are the Benefits of a Data Strategy?

5 reasons why a data strategy is a must-have

  1. The role of data is changing – from a supporting role to a strategic (i.e. business-critical) resource, which enables insights and new, data-based business model
  2. Dispersed data initiatives and data use-cases require coordination. While key enablers can only be provided centrally and not from a single initiative 
  3. Transparency about data is missing – data is typically siloed in functions and spread across a fragmented system landscape. Adopting a data strategy helps to optimize technology investments at lower costs.
  4. Regulators and law makers increasingly issue requirements on data. Furthermore, customers and business partners have even stricter expectations
  5. There is an increasing need to design end-to-end processes, which require supporting data flows

Webinar Recording: Data Strategy

Want to sit back and relax? Listen to the webinar recording. In their joint webinar from August 13, Dr. Tobias Pentek and Prof. Dr. Christine Legner from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) provide valuable insights and introduce the CDQ Data Strategy Canvas as a tool to design a sustainable data strategy.

42 min video

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