The CDQ Data Quality Tools

CDQ's cloud-based Data Quality Tools are a part of the solution that have been put forward in our Summer-Reads content pieces. We therefore like to share an overview of the different tools that enable fast and reliable analyses, validation, cleansing and enrichment of business partner master data. The powerful software platform was developed in close cooperation with well-known, international operating companies - the members of the CDQ Data Sharing Community.

The various modules of the Data Quality Tools are constantly being adapted and further developed to meet the requirements of our customers. You can use the Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) software platform via web applications or fully integrated with your ERP or CRM systems. Want to learn more about the different cloud-based solutions? You can always reach out or request a demo via the form below.

135+ Mio Data Records

The database of our Data Quality Tools contains over 135 million business partner records and is not limited to a specific country.

1,700+ Quality Rules

By matching against over 1700 Data Quality Rules, our Data Quality Tools ensure high reliability of our records. The data validation rules are developed together with our community members according to their requirements.

80+ Open Data Sources

Over 80 Open Data Sources are already integrated into our Data Quality Tools - and more are being added continuously. In addition, there are further premium data sources available, for example D&B.


What Services are Provided by Our Data Quality Tools?

Our Data Management applications offer a wide range of capabilities for cleansing, validation, enrichment, quality monitoring, and deduplication of your business partner master data.

Open up the Data Quality Tools 3-pager to learn more about all Data Quality Tools offered in our cloud-based software platform.

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