Data Sharing by Scott Taylor ("The Data Whisperer")

When people hear "data sharing“, they can get very concerned. They start to think about personal data. They think about PII - personally identifiable information. Let‘s put this to rest, right up front. This type of data sharing is not about personal data. This is not data about people. This is data about companies and organizations. Instead of PII, think of it as CII - commercially identifiable information. To be very specific, it is the location information and other master and reference data about a company. It is based on the vendor, partner, supplier and customer relationships that they already have with each other. It is data that organizations actually want others to have. Sharing this data helps everyone in the ecosystem. It is easier and more efficient to do that within a community rather than continuing to tackle it alone. What are the specific company benefits of collaboratively maintaining business partner data  and what data is exactly shared in this approach?

We are going to talk about 'what is data sharing?' So let's dive right into that. Read on via the 2-pager or listen to the 5min video below.


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An Influencer Perspective: Scott Taylor on Data Sharing

We all know the importance of PII - Personally Identifiable Information. But what about Commercially Identifiable Information?

5 min video

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