The toughest customer satisfaction to beat: Santa’s 100% child satisfaction rate

Customer satisfaction is one of the highest priorities for most companies. Imagine a customer satisfaction rate of 100% to beat. Santa’s huge Christmas cooperation is one of the largest in the world: it addresses the needs of 2.2 billion children around the globe, every year.  

Santa's data is a mess! His Christmas processes are complex, the hours are crazy, supply chain and delivery time are absolutely challenging and the task at hand is almost impossible. Every year Santa faces the challenge to fulfill all children’s wishes and give them the perfect gifts in a very limited timeframe.  

Last year, Santa’s customer data was a mess! Many children moved throughout the year and Rudolph had either the wrong address, incomplete data or the address was unknown. This led to a delay in the delivery of gifts, leaving behind many sad or even angry children under their Christmas tree. Some children did not even receive any gifts. And all Santa wants is to have a 100% satisfaction rate on Christmas Day. 

To avoid Christmas from becoming a disaster like in the last years, Santa asked for help to support him in tackling his customer master data. Therefore, he requested his North Pole Center to provide some analytics on the main errors that occurred last year. 


What are the top Customer Master Data issues?

  • Duplicate records: By having duplicate records in the data management system(s) within the company, some children did not receive any gifts in time or some not even at all whilst others were receiving multiple gifts.

  • Missing customer data & information: Registries on newborn children are currently not automatically fed into Santa's database. He is highly dependent on his current network to have his overview up-to-date. Other missing information is often when children move and addresses are incomplete or unknown. Especially with cross-border moves, the address information is often hard to track down and data sharing is harder to do.

    • Incomplete and non-updated addresses are red flagged by the North Pole Center as this does not only hurt child satisfaction, but has proved to be a big cost drain by gifts that were not delivered and returned. 

  • Personalization: Creating a personalized present for the children is essential for a great Christmas experience. Santa needs to deliver improved personalized experiences for the children. Last year, some packages either had the wrong name, or first and last names swapped, or names were misspelled, which led many children confused. 

  • Visibility into request status: The target customers of Santa are young and their life is changing fast. This means their needs change fast as well. Having no clear visibility on the request status, it is hard to meet any dynamic changes of wish list requests. This had an impact on the delivery of gifts and satisfaction of the children to meet their needs and demands.

  • Manual and slow processes: Updating information, making sure there are no duplicates and that family hierarchy data is also up-to-date, requires a lot of manual labor of all the helper elves. Whilst Santa could use their resource in a better way. This resulted in Santa using his helper elves resources in an ineffective way.

    • Worldwide, around 385.000 babies are born each day. It is an impossible task to manually update these records or keep track of all new child information. Therefore, the North Pole Center has advised Santa to get connected to the birth registration database of every country to look-up and update his children customer database.

  • Fragmented and siloed company and processes: Different departments of Santa's Christmas company work in different systems. However, not all the systems that handle contact data are aligned. Some have completed address information, some have updated name changes, some have family information updated of parents or siblings. Santa needs a single source of truth for his customer data.

  • Dissatisfied customers & internal teams: All Santa's helper elves were drained at the end of December, making sure all data was updated and packages were delivered, whilst a lot went wrong. Leading to unhappy children and therefore even more unhappy elves. Although Santa mostly focuses on the customer satisfaction to measure the Christmas Companies' performance, he sometimes forgets about his helper elves and Rudolph. In the end, everyone should be happy with Christmas.


Digitization of processes to avoid unhappy helpers and children and data riddled with error

Santa has already started digitizing his vendor data and wants to continue digitization and automation of his customer database.

Santa’s North pole centers' solution: 

  • After analyzing the main customer data errors, the North Pole Center reached out to some master data experts of CDQ to solve his issues this years. High quality data is a 'must-have' and not a choice for digital transformation and a data-driven company. That's why Santa is going to focus on:

  • Fully automated and trusted master data: This means cleansed, enriched and continuous monitored data that is always up-to-date with the highest data quality.

  • Trustful data for better business decisions: To help make lives better for everyone, Santa will focus on using his resources wisely and efficiently. This will entail transparency & seamless data-driven processes without any silos and maximized process speed.

  • Maximize company data for true innovation: By opening up his company to external databases to update for example child registrations, there's a huge potential to enable cost reduction and maybe even new revenue streams.


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