Today, access to valuable data is a superpower. But just having a lot of data is not enough. In one of our most recent eBooks, CDQ data experts from the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) explain how to turn data into business value using a simple model: the Data Value Formula.

Only if data are 'fit for purpose' and are actively used in business processes or decision-making, data can create business value. This value creation process is often difficult to grasp and inherently complex. Our e-book aims to unravel the complex value creation processes using a simple model – the Data Value Formula.

“It‘s frustrating that companies have a better sense of the value of their office furniture than their information assets.” Douglas Laney, Technology Analyst at Gartner

Three keys to unlock your data's full potential

The Data Value Formula shows how data value can be determined and identifies three essential value drivers:

  • Data volume
  • Data quality
  • Data use

Based on the data value formula, companies can identify and design their future value-creating steps that transform raw data into business outcomes.

The eBook addresses how:

  • To create business value with 3 data drivers: data volume, data quality & data use.
  • Your company can transform raw data into business outcomes.

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To showcase the data value formula and its practical application, we invite you to read the complementary eBook. Request the Data Value Formula eBook


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