Santa battles country-specific regulations to get his deliveries done in time!

Santa’s customer database is increasing every day by 385.000 newborns all around the globe. On top of this ever increasing customer data, Santa also needs to manage many different country specific Christmas traditions and regulations. Most importantly, Santa needs to keep track of sanction lists, because he needs to know if a child has misbehaved.

With a strongly reduced reindeer air force last year, due to Covid 19 and the resulting no fly zones, it was hard to get some packages to the children in time. Instead of managing the logistics out of the headquarters in the North pole, Santa was left with no other option than to join the reindeers in the field with his electric car fully stacked with Christmas gifts.  

But that was not even  the most challenging thing. Santa’s biggest headaches were the country regulations and tradition challenges, such as: 

  • Time zone and country specific traditions led to the gifts not being delivered at the right time. It was not clear to all the helpers that in some countries the children needed their gifts on the evening of December 24 and in other countries, gifts were received in the morning of December 25th. 

  • Longer route to delivery-time became an issue in Germany, where tradition has it that baby Jesus (the “Christkind”) delivers the presents instead of Santa’s little helper elves. This resulted in more time needed for the packages to arrive at their designated address. Santa should have take this into account to avoid late deliveries. 

  • A sanction list to know if you've been bad!

  • Santa needs to know at all times if a child has been good or bad, because bad behaving children will be put on a sanction list. All countries keep a database of sanction lists. These children would receive something different from Santa to encourage good behavior. However, as Santa did not have automated access to all sanction lists, some misbehaving children received the wrong gifts, encouraging their bad behavior. They then went on to lead well behaved children astray as all were treated in the same way. This year, Santa therefore needs an improved identification of sanctioned children with the vast amount of different sanction lists from several countries and parent authorities.

  • In the past, manual checks were difficult due to a lack of high-quality data provisioned by the authorities. With help of the CDQ Cloud Services, data synchronized with a data mirror is monitored continuously against the latest sanction and watch lists. The sanction and watch list monitoring report provides a summary on potential matches. The matching against sanction and watch lists can be activated in the company data lookup, so the data maintainers are already notified during their data updates. 


How can Santa best tackle country regulations? 

Step 1 
Analyze his data and cluster it into categories such as no-fly zones or sanction lists.

Step 2 
Continuously monitor data for changes and updates. 

Step 3
Pro-active alert notifications from additional external sources such as parent communities.

With these measures in place, and a strong partner by his side who helps Santa manage his customer data on a country-level, Santa must worry less about risks and care more about the joy of gift giving, which is what his business is all about! 


At CDQ we don’t track personal related information. When we talk about sanction lists, we make sure that for example a customer's sourcing policy stays up-to-date. Doing business with companies (and affiliates) which are sanctioned or affected by embargos can result in fines and reputational damage. Your data records can be monitored continuously against the latest sanction and watch lists, so data maintainers are already notified during creation or update workflows.

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